“Báshíshchíín” - Born for(8x10 PRINT)

“Báshíshchíín” - Born for(8x10 PRINT)

(8x10 PRINT)Navajo men have always been warriors and represented strength. I believe the type of admiration Diné men have is not one derived from colonial ideals of patriarchy - rather than being seen as the primary and dominant power, a man’s strength and knowledge comes from his family, community, and other men. Take our Navajo Code Talkers for example; the United States government did not give its original inhabitants the rights and privileges of the “Americans” yet when asked to help, our warriors stepped up with sole intentions to protect their land and people. Our men are valuable in our society and we need to continue to uplift and empower them - modern day warriors need not only to be strong physically, but require resources to support and strengthen them mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. We look to our cheiis and nalís for wisdom, our fathers for guidance and protection, our uncles for support, our brothers for strength, and our little ones for happiness and adoration. When I think about the warriors in my family, I think about shicheii, shinálí hastiin, my father, and brothers.

This piece is inspired by the many vintage photographs taken long ago and therefore has a distressed and de-saturated finish.



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