Exposing a Gift

Exposing a Gift

11x14x1/2 original painting
Throughout my travels I am fortunate to witness the
stories of others as I share mine. This painting was
inspired by a new friend and follower of mine who told
me of a dream he had, a story of a gift. In the dream
he was visited several times by the same horned toad
(grandfather Chei) who would approach him then
return into the distance. On one of these visits he was
curious and followed Chei Horned Toad, leading to a
small trail of circled tracks. This is where Chei Horned
Toad stopped and scratched, hinting of something
below the surface. Shifting the sands he noticed a

shine, something shaped, a turquoise arrowhead, a
gift. Added to this piece is a pottery painted white
and black with my Horned Toad Logo exposed above.
These are only one of many stories waiting to be
shared, waiting for someone to tell their story.
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