First Meeting

First Meeting

31x31framed original
First meeting was inspired by one of my visits to
a mural I made several years ago, I was traveling
through around the late hours of the night and
decided to stop by and visit this piece. The moon was
so bright and the skies so clear and calm, I had to use
this moment to embrace what I was witnessing. At the
time my phone couldn't take these photos, so I studied
what I could and rushed home to paint my inspiration.
Using my daytime photos of the mural I began to
paint into the night. Nearing the end of the painting I

had to add my own little romance to the story, behind
the wall with the tree painting on it there is a couple
casting a their shadow and enjoying a moment in
time. This mural I painted back in 2016 is located
in Cowsprings Arizona.
Acrylic Medium
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