Studio beneath the Stars

Studio beneath the Stars

24x48x1 original painting
I have a studio, I needed a place where I could
create and express myself, a place that was mine,
this is my studio.
This is one of those paintings that fit the canvas and
needed to be made, before creating a painting I first
need to have everything exactly where it should be.
Every tool has its place as an Artist needs his space.
Before working into the night I started organizing
and situating my work area, on one side I can make
a canvas and tinker with my tools and on the other
I can study and paint my ideas. This is a moment I
captured after finishing my organization of my work
area, I finished and sat down sometime during the
night to embrace the environment of Persistence in
Arts, I sat there deep in thought and loving what I do.

Resting in a middle and back than a work in progress,
two originals before they left the studio and became
famous Mother Earth and Father Sky and Story Teller
painting. This is my studio, where the magic happens
in the late hours of the night, thank you for taking the
time visit my studio beneath the stars.
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