“Woman of the Towering House”(PLAYING )

“Woman of the Towering House”(PLAYING )

(PLAYING CARDS PRE ORDER)This is in honor of my Kinyaa'áanii clan and the graceful and beautiful Kinyaa'áanii relatives of mine who inspire me every day.

I have always found brown women with dark hair to be the most beautiful women in the world. Being raised around so many on the Navajo Nation has influenced my idea of beauty and I’ve come to realize that my perception of beauty is Indigicentric. In a society where eurocentric beauty standards are sought, I love the features of my grandmas, mother, aunties, sisters, and nieces - their prominent cheekbones, shiny black hair, straight noses, the way their eyes squint when they smile, brown (sometimes chizhii) skin, and their strong hard-working hands. May we see the beauty in the various shades and features of our Native women and embrace this beauty within ourselves.



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